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Fresh Beat!: Dawning Lights by KVLT KRFT Productions

Flugelhorn softly and smoothly croons over top of emotive pianos and atmospheric strings, fusing together with a soft rhythmic arpeggios and thick and and dirty sounding 80's style tom rolls, creating a unique and cinematic journey. A rare foray into the more melodic and upbeat music, but a true treat none-the-less, check it out.

Provided to you by the KVLT-KRFT main man theProphet, you can find this track in the Infidel Netwerk beat store:

Free audio streaming of the track on Soundcloud:

Follow us on our official Facebook to hear about all our latest beats, deals, and offerings:

The track can be purchased for a lease license (unlimited non-commercial usage) for $10, or an exclusive license for $50, which means that you can use the beat for any commercial product, and that after the transaction is completed you effectively own the beat after that point, and no further individuals can be sold this beat from me, it will come off of my beat store immediately. We also have a deal where you can purchase 3 leased beats for $25, or 3 exclusives for $125, which is $5 and $25 savings respectively. So if you're interested check out the other beats in our store.

We also offer the services of instrumental additions, new sections, structural changes, and mixing tweaks can be made to the song, and we also offer mastering services that can be done for you after you finish your vocal recording, however these would be at an additional cost and have to be discussed on an individual basis, with more details that can be discussed upon contacting us.

Released in conjunction with The Infidel Netwerk music, artist, and philosopher collective. Check out the Netwerk and associated musicians and projects at:

This track is produced by The Infidel Netwerk founder theProphet, a producer of a wide variety of musical and artistic projects. You can find his other projects at the following links:

Jenova Project at:

M-Fap at:

Izkrist at:

LICH vs Jenova Project at:

Transhumanist at:

Murdaa Noize at:

Black Level Expansion at:

Matt & Colin at:

OurTrees at:

Dirty Lint at:

The artwork was manipulated by theProphet from a photo done by Conal Gallagher, and released through the creative commons. Check out his official Flickr page below:

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