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Infidel Studio One Blog: Episode 3 - January 30th 17'

Well what a week. Things were going along pretty nicely. Been meeting up over this last couple of weeks with my ol partner in crime Bubba Gums, and we've been smashing things pretty hard. We recorded vocals to a brand new M-Fap track, and we finished shooting the last bit of video footage for another (preview on the side). We also sketched out some more ideas for the next couple of music videos, and compiled all of the tracks we're gonna use for our album we're gonna release together. So far it's looking like the albums gonna be 12 tracks, 5 produced by KVLT-KRFT Productions, 6 produced by Bubba Gums, and one which is a skit/intro track. There's gonna be music videos produced for tracks by both producers, and the whole thing is looking to be a pretty wacky zanny package, quite suitable for the M-Fap character.

Also UltraLhtBoi and myself managed to create a new track out vocal cuts from other tracks, creating a whole new beat for the previously recorded vocals. This is something we have done before actually, and it's an interesting experience recording a beat for an already recorded vocal track. Makes you think and work a different way. Your rhythms and grooves are all based around either following or contrasting something that's already created, making you feel sort of like a session musician. Not something that a beat maker usually gets to do, but definitily a fun challenge.

But then of course, typical Prophet fashion all hell breaks loose. Right on the heels of epic recordings with Big M.I.C., Abyss, and Ben Wolfgram had some serious hard drive issues which led to me cancelling those sessions and postponing future sessions with Bubba Gums and UltraLhtBoi. I've basically just been on the grind backing up data excessively onto a new drive I purchased, and it's very slow as the failing drive is working at minimum capacity...

And unfortunately as well the drive really took a toll on the finances. If you get a chance, check out my GoFundMe page where I talk about my hard drive story. And if you're feeling generous enough, donate a few dollars to the cause to help keep The Infidel Netwerk dream going. Cause right now things are pretty financially tight:

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