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Infidel Studio One Blog: Episode 2 - January 25th 17'

Ah yes, another busy week in the life of an Infidel. As always me and the LhtBoi been busy grinding away working on new tracks. The 16 track album became a 17 track album, and we have more tracks possibly on the way. So it may end up being more like 2 albums that are between 9 to 12 tracks long. We shall see how things are going. But damn, me and this guy are on fire. We write up the beat and record lyrics usually within an hour or two. Sure we do edits over the upcoming days, but nothing that takes more then 15-20 minutes. Our efficiency in workflow is golden. And our tracks keep getting more and more dreamy. Washed out synths, thick and heavy bass, and vocals that verge between vocoded and tuned. Very interesting indeed. We also finally got album artwork done for our first release... check it out....

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Also been slaving hard away working on the final masters for my own rap music. Originally I was going to release two EPs, one of music produced by myself, and another of music produced by my partner in crime Bubba Gums. But me and Bubba got to thinking that we should just come our grooves together, seeing as they were jiving so well together, and make it all one massive projects. So we're gonna have one massive awesome album called Palace of Fap, and it's gonna feature around 12 tracks. We already have music video shot for one song, and we have 9 of the 12 tracks recorded already, with one already mixed and mastered and ready for release. I was hoping to release a single tonight, but I ended up getting side tracked recording the last of the footage for one of the music videos, and I just couldn't say no to that. So the new single will come soon, maybe even tomorrow, but at the moment... we are grinding hard to make everything perfect.

OOOO also, really exciting. I signed up for a new service called Noiiz. It's done by a company called Samplephonics. When you sign up you get access to all of their sample libraries for unlimited download, and once you unsubscribe you keep the licences. Really really unbelievable great deal and a huge sample library. Already wrote a bizarre new track using the stuff which will probably be for a new Jenova Project track. Yet another great way to keep inspiration! Oh, and it's a brand new service, if you sign up now you can save like over half off! So go check it out now if it's up your alley cause the discount only will be for the next few days, and if you get the discount it'll lock you into the discount so as long as you stay subscribed you'll be locked in at that discounted price. WELL WORTH LOOKING INTO if you're a producer that's down with a bit of sampling.

As always, been working on some other stuff to... but I gotta drag this out over a couple posts so... see you next time folks!

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