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Fresh Trax! : Jenova Project - A Walk In The Light

As we age we sometimes fall victim to the tidings of chaos, disorder, and emotional unwellness that becomes the foundations for unhealthy relationships. These broken bonds plague us, laying the foundations for repression and tragedy. We have a choice to either sink or swim. Which direction will you choose? To follow a pathway of dumb circles, or to break free and walk into the light?

This is the remastered version of "A Walk In The Light", which is from my upcoming album Death Of An Angel, which features music recorded between 2010-2011, with vocals only being recorded in 2015-2016. This album is the third and final album in the Shadowalker trilogy, a series of albums I wrote between 2007-2011.

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I can feel this going through me, it's like a painful ecstasy Not quite sure what to think, Am going to get ahead or sink.

You see the look in my eyes, Together I know we will die, Step by step in the right direction, You are my perfect reflection.

Things always seem stuck in a rut, But now is the time to get unstuck, I will hold on to you as you to me, Together only we truly can see.

And I hope you know what this means, This is a world meant for extremes, We must work together and unite, Stand together to the final fight

Why did we abandon the good we had? Couldn’t we just remove the bad? A final step, a chance at hope, As we hang by the rope.

The end I hope draws so near, The path I see becomes so clear, Take my arms and draw me in, Somewhere I have never been, The sea threatens to take me in, I will shed my skin of sin! There will never be another place for me, I'd rather sink in this endless sea

I can feel this going through me, it's like a painful ecstasy, Not quite sure what to think, I know all we’re gonna do is sink, You see the look in my eyes, But did you know we would die,

All musical composition, production, mixing, and promotion done by theProphet

The artwork was created by Bailee F. You can find her diverse portfolio here:

You can check out Matt's other project's Transhumanist at: Izkrist at: Dirty Lint: M-Fap at: Matt & Colin at: OurTrees at: Death Machine at:

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