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Ryan "Tweak" Clark Announces New Project: Into The Ether

Front Man Ryan Tweak Clark from electro rock project Pur Pale teams up with the talented vocalist Kelly O'Donnell to form a new electronic project.

Production of this album has started at All In One Productions in Langley, B.C. Canada and this video is a look frame into one of the tracks being created at the studio right now. The foundation of the tracks are being focused purely on recording analog modular synthesizers keeping a live performance recreation in mind during the writing process.

Not only will this record be striving to break electronic production barriers and workflows but is also aimed at being able to replicate and take what you hear on the record into a live environment played 100% live and not sequenced from a computer.

Ryan Clark Says "From my experience playing live electronic rock shows in the past the biggest critique I got in a negative sense was that none of the music was ever being performed live. With that in mind I am setting out to embark into new terrain and bring a real visual and band format experience to the masses within the electronic domain. I hope to showcase and inspire other young electronic artists to take a similar direction and bring a live performance aspect back into the publics eye for electronic music."

Into The Ether's first record will debut sometime in 2017 along with full production showcases of our live performances. Performances will not be taken to the bigger venues right away, we will be focusing purely on opening up for other acts, doing small coffee shops, bars and parties. This will give us time to flush out all the kinks and really be ready to showcase it in the larger venues in Vancouver. We also really want to focus on creating local hype and bring a music scene back to townships outside of Vancouver City.

More updates, behind the scenes photos, videos and much much more will come throughout the year.

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