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Fresh Trax! : Jenova Project - The Next Generation

We look at our next generation, taking for granted their struggles and their dues. But as we push them farther into desperation, cutting off their opportunity, and replacing it with fantasy driven slavery, we do not bring ourselves closer to a supposed so-called age of greatness, but instead, we bring ourselves closer to the brink of our own destruction. It it within the monotony of every day existence that the next generation of innovators and geniuses are being condemned, that they plot their rebellion, for we have created environments that turn their potentials into anguish, creating the sorrow that is pushing our salvation into the flame, and in the end is only feeding the fuel of our own demise.

This is a remastered single from my upcoming album Death Of An Angel, which is going to be released through my independent music collective The Infidel Netwerk. Featuring music recorded between 2010-2011, this album is the third and final album in the Shadowalker trilogy, a series of albums I wrote between 2007-2011.

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Flickering, and smouldering As they billow, threatening To swallow those Who expose, within a distance We watch the buildings burn The flames grow so high But how could we know They’d be so illuminating To the shallow lives I'm living in a dream of fire A paradise of desire Memories of an inferno A tragedy, turned into a masterpiece Were we always meant to immolate We were always meant to burn away It’s funny the way we twist our nostalgia Our remnants of a great past The way in which we castrate As it lays bare in front of me now This is the life I’ve lived On the edge of a society I barely recognize As I cling on to my humanity Raging against the chaos The chaos of the law On the fringe of insanity Is this where I belong? We were once so fierce, But now we’re just sparks! A dream of flames A palace of danger As the embers burn harder I feel an eternal energy Rushing through my veins Releasing the pain! What do I have to gain? Except to be consumed!!! I am the face, the face of the blaze Let it flicker, twist, and burn

All musical composition, production, mixing, and promotion done by theProphet

The artwork was created by Bailee F. You can find her diverse portfolio here:

You can check out Matt's other project's Transhumanist at: Izkrist at: Dirty Lint: M-Fap at: Matt & Colin at: OurTrees at: Death Machine at:

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