Trisha North: Infidel Interview #20

You've been releasing music since 2014 under the name of Trisha North. However you have been actively involved with music your whole life. Would you like to give my audience a bit of a rundown of the sort of instruments and styles you've accumulated into your repertoire over the years?

When I was in Elementary –Middle School I played the clarinet in band and orchestra courses for about 5 years. I also have 12+ years of experience as a singer through concert choirs, mixed chorus and a chamber choir group that I created with a few of my peers in High School as well. I received my first keyboard at 12 years-old from my parents for Christmas which I taught myself how to play by ear. And then I received my first guitar (acoustic) from my father when I was 17 which I also learned how to play by ear. I am mostly classically trained when it comes to my vocals but over-all I’m a self-taught musician in everything else.

I’ve always enjoyed electronic music so I started veering more in that direction as a medium for composing at around age 18. But I didn’t actively start pursuing it as a career until I was about 25. I studied the basics of audio-engineering for about 4 years and then I began learning more about dj-ing soon after.

I first started creating minimal beats and psytrance styled music at the beginning of my education through production and recording software. But I’ve broadened my styles within the last few years to Neo-Classical, Folk, Glitch, Hip Hop, Trip-hop, Techno, Trance, Rave, EDM, and Dubstep (just to name a few).

I mainly play the keyboard/piano, synthesizers, bass, acoustic and electric guitar but I hope to one day learn how to play the drums in person vs. through looping stations and built in software as well as mastering the harp and the mandolin.

When it comes to making music, you have a lot of different backgrounds and influences. What sort of bands and artists would you consider to be your biggest influences when it comes to composition, and would you say that there is a particular style or genre that rings closest to your heart?

I’ve been trying to go against the grain so to speak when it comes to my sound. But I am well aware that I have been greatly inspired by other artists. I’m not very bias when it comes to music, however. I listen to pretty much everything. I admittedly listen to pretty obscure/interesting bands that a lot of my friends and other people that I interact with have never heard of before. So I have a lot of fun making mix-tapes among other things for them.

A few albums that I’ve been listening to pretty religiously lately are “151a” by Kishi Bashi (When I first stumbled upon Kishi Bashi I initially got Goosebumps all over my body. His sound is so beautiful and so angelic. I really adore his track “I Am the Antichrist to You” I started listening to it post-breakup. The lyrics are heartfelt and pretty deep. So I definitely have cried a lot while listening to his album as well. It makes me very nostalgic.) “Earth Sick” by Oh Land (Nanna Øland Fabricius’s voice is incredibly ethereal. And I really enjoy her take on electronic. I would say that her style has been one of my biggest influences as of late. The little ticks and glitches throughout her songs I’ve tried to emulate and incorporate a similar type of sound in my tracks these days. And I just really love having solo dance parties while rocking out to her songs “Hot’N’Bothered” and “No Particular Order”. lol!) “Too Bright” by Perfume Genius (Mike Hadreas is from Seattle. So that is among many reasons why I love him. But his sound is kind of hypnotic to me. I love the fibers of the piano and the guitar with the dreamy vocals overlapping them throughout the whole record.) “Cars” by Now, Now Every Children (The band currently goes by Now, Now. It is comprised of Cacie Dalager, Bradley Hale, and Jess Abbott. And they are definitely one of my favorite indie bands. Their style also reminds me a little bit of the Montreal based band Arcade Fire, another one of my favorites. Their song “Friends With My Sister” is by far my most beloved off of the album. It is about a young girl coming out to her mother as gay. It is really powerful overall; the whole story and production of that track really moves me. I’ve been driven to add more bass and guitar sounds to my songs because of them. And I’ve noticed that my non-electronic songs have also grown a lot more since stumbling upon them a few years ago.) I also really adore Oliver Tank. He has such an intrinsic style and his voice melts me; it is to die for. I love the track “Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion” I’ve put it on repeat almost every night. And his song “Past Present Future” was my inspiration while creating my song “Secrets” off of my album “Funhouse”.

Washington is kind of the heart of the indie rock scene so that might be where I am most naturally drawn as my place of interest. I mean, we have iconic bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Fleet Foxes etc. that were birthed here on our soil. So I grew up enjoying that style. I most often listen to artists like Radiohead, Shiny Toy Guns, The Dresden Dolls, and Modest Mouse when I am craving that kind of sound though lately.

But while I was living in Wisconsin I grew to love folk music more through artists like Laura Marling and Joanna Newsom. I’ll just say ask me on any given day at random and you’d find that I am on a different musical threshold. I enjoy keeping my window of influence wide-open.

What would you say are your favorite themes and topics to write about? What draws you to those themes?

I wouldn’t say that I have one specific theme that I preference or favor for my music. I pull a lot from my personal experiences such as my adolescent struggles, my sexuality, my journeys through love, family, friendships, loss and art, and the inner workings of my mind and soul. Whatever moves me usually moves me to create.