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Weekly Update 2015-11-11

And we are back... again... this time down because of hard drive crash. But rebound was much quicker this time. We're starting to become acustomed to disaster around here at this point! Despite some setbacks, we managed to get some good music out for you anyways. Here's a a quick roundup of what you may have missed.

First up on the list is the ever active M-Fap. He has kept extremly busy releasing an 4-track EP, and two more additional singles, all for free. These can be found on his official Bandcamp. The tracks, though originating in the style of hip-hop contain many of the familiar signature sounds that many of you may already be familiar with if you have heard other work by theProphet. His distinctive vocal tone and snarl remain true, even within the stylistic conformities of hip-hop. And though the song work tends to be a bit more beat and structure oriented then other work he has done, their manages to still be music itself with change, dynamic, and melody, instead of what one might typically expect in the hip-hop genre of a couple loops fading in an out of each other with various effects applied. The themes that the lyrics touch upon include a wide variety of topics, from most serious, to quite humereous and satirical in nature. It's a unique act, one that touches on familiar aspects of pop music, but then completly throws it on it's feet. You can find any of M-Fap'snew releases on his Bandcamp for free download.

theProphet's other project, main project at that, Jenova Project has been busy as well. There has been three new singles released over the last month, with two of them being from the upcomming Paranormal album and one from the free EP Welcome To Inferno. theProphet has been a busy guy!

Also excitingly Bailee F, long time partner of theProphet andf frequent Infidel Netwerk artist and musician (she has actually done, or shot, most of the artwork for Jenova Project & M-Fap single and album art), has set up her own gallery webpage where she shows off all of her latest artwork. A great place to check out her portfolio if you are interested in hiring her for professional work. Also, in upcomming weeks will be starting to offer her paintings in print form for order, which will be made available for purchase on Etsy, and will be linked to also through her webpage/portfolio. Keep checking back for more information on that soon!

Lastly, I woud like to announce the addition of a new member to the fold. Brent Baldwin, a long time drum and bass, industrial, breakcore, and EDM producer from North Carolina has joined The Infidel Netwerk as a collaborter. Expect to see new music coming from him soon! In the mean time you can check out his projects DataByte or ClownCock on their respective Soundcloud pages.

Hope you enjoy all the new music folks! Rock hard, and see you all soon with more content!

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