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Weekly Update 2015-10-14

Ah, yes, yet again another busy week here at The Infidel Netwerk. It's been a great one here, with lots of collaboration happening in many new and interesting directions. In one corner, Gaggle has resurfaced itself releasing only this last month their first full length album for free. And already they have been working on a followup release. Featuring bombastic and distorted basslines, dancey evolving drum grooves, and samples that leave you both confused and entertaining, they really have come back full in session. In the other corner, we have a new collaboration, with a fresh face. Another Matt has joined The Netwerk, the former guitarist for the local band Spoonbred, and has been jamming with Matt "theProphet" Smith on a couple of new projects. Not only has he been laying guitar and bass tracks on a wide variety of different songs and projects, but he has also repaired some of the studio guitars and basses that were previously out of comissions. So expect a lot more guitars in future releases down the road!

Also The Infidel Information Netwerk has been quite active over the last month with the Canadian elections gearing up. Feel free to join our open Facebook group, where you can contribute not only your own opinion on articles already submitted, but you also have an opportunity to submit relevant articles of your own. It's a great place for friendly, but fueled, debate:

And now lastly, up for the releases themselves:

Jenova Project

This week with Jenova Project we have a brand new single for you. The song is entitled Deceit, and it is the third track on the upcoming album "Paranormal", which acts as a full sequel to the previously released album "Shadowalker". The instrumentals were recorded in 2009-2010, and were remastered and had vocals added to them in 2015.

This may come as a suprise to some, who were expecting another song or full release of the Welcome To Inferno EP. But rest assured, I have not forgotten about that release. It is in my crossfires to release the second single from that release this weekend! Jenova Project just doesn't stop, and never does anything conventionally.

Murdaa Noize

The epic collaboration project between Cameron Jones (of Tepco Bushes and Panther Pyramid fame), which has to this date only released a single EP, is back with a vengeance. With a sound as intimidating as it's name, prepare yourself for this audio assault. Bruno is the latest single from this duo, and it lives up to it's name as a real stomper. Listen to or download our new track for free on our official Bandcamp!


theProphet has been a busy guy, not only releasing music through his Jenova Project moniker on two different projects, but he also has been working hard away on his rap project. This week is the debut of his awaited EP, which combines his previously released singles with the brand new track Broken.

The description of the EP from his Bandcamp is as follows: "Enter the tricky, slippery, slope that is the mind of the mysterious M-Fap. A labyrinth of indulgence, confusion, and secrets that can bring both great reward, or great peril. This is a domain of whimsical madness, plagued by entertaining yet terrifying concepts, that threaten to leave the witness changed (and possibly scarred) forever. Enter at your own peril, and witness the Fap's broken theater, that acts as an artistic critique of an even more broken world around him. The release is aptly entitled The Broken EP, and features artwork designed by Tom Musik, an artist, musician, and philosopher who released in collaboration with Jenova Project the album Dystopia earlier this year, as well as his own project (which is vocally fronted by theProphet) which he composes all the music for entitled Death Machine.

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