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Weekly Update - 2015-09-23

Just as a note, you can click on any of the artworks for any of the releases mentioned, and it will link you straight to a place where you can listen to all of the music! all artwork was done by Bailee F, Jessikadabra, and Candy F Warhol, the artists for The Infidel Netwerk, as well as band member in Dirty Lint, OurTrees, and Gaggle.

So this is the week we have been waiting for since pretty much the beginning of summer! We have the final releases for many of our premier artists here at The Infidel Netwerk. With singles released and albums teased since early June, we now have here Jenova Project's Dystopia, OurTrees' The Other Side EP, and Gaggle's I Forgot My Album Name EP.

First off on the list is Dystopia, a collaboration album between theProphet & Tom Musik. Long time collaborators, currently making music under a wide variety of other aliases (including Poly-matrixx, Death Machine and Matt & Colin), these two made their first album way back in 2009. However, due to technical failures and moving the vocals never were completed, and the albums instrumentals got shelved. However late last years the instrumentals were re-dug out, and vocals were finally put on the album almost half a decade later. Released as a prequel thematically to the album Z Day, describing the protagonist before the world was turned into a throbbing mess of psychoterrological zombie parasites. A full story, and rundown of the album will be released in the upcoming days on the official Jenova Project website.

Next up is the second EP by the band OurTrees. Released earlier this year was the New Model Divine EP, featuring 7 explosive dancey tracks in collaboration with theProphet (of Jenova Project, Matt & Colin, and M-Fap fame) and Jessikadabra, known for both her artwork as well as her solo musical project. Following up that release is another tight EP including 6 more tracks, this time more centered on the experimental and progressive side of the band. Be sure to check out the band, once again featuring custom artwork for each individual track, this time by the lovely Jessikadabra herself.

Last, but not least, up on the menu is the fantastic Gaggle EP. This album is a free release, as so the world can get a taste of the Gaggle madness. Aptly entitled, I Forgot My Album Name, this EP features 9 tracks that threaten to completely redefine your perception of what is and isn't danceable. Sounds you previously would find annoying, you'll find yourself dancing along to, as this duo of Darth Vapor and Donald Phuck manage to break boundaries and redefine groove.

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