Lilith My Mother Appears On The Jan 7th Episode Of Highway 7 Radioshow

January 16, 2020

Featuring on January 7th Episode of the Highway 7 radioshow is our very own Lilith My Mother, alongside many other greats such as Karl Kave, October Burns Black, Kiss Of The Whip and more. Catch this great episode and give our European Darkwaver some love! Find the episode free streaming on Mixcloud:גלית-קורני-7120/



PALAIS IDEAL - The Programme
Karl Kave - One Time For The Living
Pullo - Moaning Wife
PAWNS - Monuments Of Faith
Sonsombre - Matte Black
October Burns Black - Cast Aside
Ground Nero - Litany
Blind Seagull – Last Who Cares
A Cloud of Ravens - In the Wicked Hours
On The Floor - This Is All
closed mouth - Mind of memories
Caídas Libres - Poderes simples
Data Fragments - - No Sign Of Life
This Cold Night - Blackout Rift
KISS OF THE WHIP - Forgive Me Not
THYMIAN - Provider
GRANDEUR - Her Dulcet Call
Night Sins -Two Headed Dream
Truck Stop Alien – Darkspace
Twin Tribes - Fantasmas
FM Attack - New World (ft. Vandal Moon)
Bragolin vs Adam Tristar - The End Dwells In Us All
Jakuzi – Toz
Agent Side Grinder - Inner Noises
Silent EM - Machine
Fornicata - Rough Road
Lilith my Mother - Her Little Black Soul


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