New Albums!: Vore Complex - Rendered Dead & A Stranger Breed

July 10, 2019

While Vore Complex as a true solo project may be "dead" in some sort of "official" capacity, it seems to live on in new format of collaboration. Teaming up with his friend Ed Rose, who plays some pretty atmospheric and absolutely suiting guitars to Ben's nightmarish post-apocalytic electro-industrial, to recreate some choice tracks from the Complex discography. Ranging from the haunting almost black metal-esk Moriah's Shower Party, the post-punk warbles of Bloodrush, the noise rock tainted Flush, or the almost brit-pop inspired melodies of Punitive Medicine, this pair of albums (Rendered Dread & A Stranger Breed) crafted by the duo really adds as a final flourish to the Vore Complex discography. Check out the pair of albums on Vore Complex's official discography for digital download:​

Band Description Of Rendered Dread


Joint project with a friend - a new anthology of upbeat punk 'guitar edits'. All based on older versions of some of my songs.


all music, art, lyrics and vocals: Ben Power

all guitars: Ed Rose

tracks 1-7 mastered by J.Stillings at Steel Hook Audio


Mastering Thank you to Ed for working on this album with me. Here's a link to his solo work on YouTube:






Band description of A Stranger Breed


Based around older versions of some of my songs, this apocalyptic album concerns itself with human-on-human experimentation and the machinations of those who would see human beings as cattle, or fodder - or play objects. It hints as to the sorts of degenerate individuals, clandestine governing agencies, and nightmarish 'services' that might be caught carrying such out, going down to very bleak levels, drawn from anecdotal reportage and also much of factual depravity. 


The full album exists as a bitter reflection on true Evil. Composed, with thick existential horror, to reference a cold, raw Luciferian hubris, and a Chaotic atrocity, beyond easy words. You're allowed to laugh in a few places though, if you like. Good luck to you with that. 


Too many bands try (too hard) to 'out-dark' each other these days. This seems a better sonic compromise. Enjoy it.

all art, lyrics/vocals, sampling, beats, keys, production: Ben Power 
all guitars: Ed Rose 

all tracks mastered by J.Stillings at Steel Hook Audio Mastering 

Thank you again, very much, to Ed for working on this album with me. 
Here's a link to his solo work on YouTube:


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