Biohacker's Appears On Russian Dark Community's Fatal Infection Compilation

June 19, 2019

Biohacker's high energy Sarin (Neuro Toxic Mix), originally from his latest remix album Resurrection, appears on the latest Russian Dark Community Compilation "Fatal Infection" alongside many other premier underground acts in the Industrial community, including Subliminal Code, Zwaremachine, London Sadness, and many more, don't miss this jam packed release which can be downloaded at at very reasonable "Pay What You Want" price on the Russian Dark Community's official Bandcamp:


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1. Binaural Silence - Several Years (2019 Preview Mix)   
2. Ultimate Soldier - Ultimate Soldier (Nova State Machine Remix)  
3. N-616 - Electric   
4. Subliminal Code - Another Day (Album Version)   
5. Chris Keya & T[ERROR] - Drangsturm
6. Zwaremachine - Pulse   
7. Ironic Sweden - Dansmusik    
8. Pro Patria - Into the Deep (mix with an Yperite twist)
9. Sangre - Sangre es la Vida
10. 0Kontrol - You must have known (We Are Temporary cover) 
11. Celotrox - Die Gruftis
12. London Sadness - The Palace of the Fox   
13. Biohacker - Sarin (Neuro Toxic Mix)  
14. Ultimated - I Need Your Love ( Renegade remix )    
15. Entropia Psicotica - Off Reality    
16. Zinik 14 - Kein Ende    
17. Spirit - Peyolt    
18. Necrotoxicoz - Я войду в тебя (Rework Single) 
19. Decent News - Black Box    
20. Diavol Strâin - Todo el Caos Habita Aquí   
21. TRANZMIT - Hashtag (Blank Lives Mix)   
22. Dark voice of Angelique - Post Mortem    
23. ElektroTerapi - Side Effect  
24. Skalski - RAW
25. Dedalos - Impulse

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