The BESS Blog: Episode 1 (5/26/2019)

May 27, 2019

BESS, the Indiana based eclectic singer-songwriter and poet, has been very busy on social media promoting her latest album War A Mystery, which can be found for digital download on her Bandcamp:


To accompany her release she has put out quite a few promotional pictures, released video blogs, as well as continued some cover song videos. However make sure to follow her on her official Facebook for the latest updates:


And check out her artist profile on The Infidel Netwerk to get links to all her social media links:


Here you can find pictures from a studio session on May 19th, for a new song possibly entitled Talk...


 Here you can find a video her performing a cover of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen... 

Here you can find a gallery of photos taken from a recent music video shoot she was working on:

Photo Series: “Art in a Cage” by Linda R Bess. Shot with iPhone. Instagram filter. Location: Toledo, OH.

 A batch of photos from a workout / jam session

"Traveling for work is a blast. I feel free."

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