Catch Biohacker on Dark Indulgence 05.05.19

May 7, 2019

Biohacker the Irish Industrial Rocker, appears on the latest episode of Scott Durand's Dark Indulgence Radio, along with STATIQBLOOM, Mondträume, Technomancer, and much more for a night of hard electronics. Check it out full streaming below at the link or in our embedded player:



The Geography Project - Winterstorm (Commisarmix)
Frontwave Machine - Blackest boots
STATIQBLOOM - Eight hearts Eight spikes (Releases 06.07.19)
Minuit Machine - Drgs (Releases 05.13.19)
Mondträume - Lovers, sinners, liars (Releases 06.28.19)
Operation Blue Eyes - Filth
Sylker - Hate yourself
Technomancer - Empire (Rebuilt by Substaat) (Releases 05.31.19)
Synapsyche - Who the fuck are you now? (Releases 06.21.19)
TR/ST - Colossal
Capsules of Energy - Decree
Ruinizer - Technoprisoners (Alien:Nation remix)
Chris Keya - Drangsturm
Sex Death Religion - Monsters (Caustic remix)
Boy Harsher - Come Closer (MARCEL DETTMANN remix) (Releases 06.28.19)
SHARPLINES - Please break my heart 
Stoneburner - Machine language
Faderhead - Burning / Dancing
Lujhboia - Around the shadows 
Pro Patria - the band - Executioner
Biohacker - Psychopathy (Infliction mix)
Shrouds - Dictators die! Istigkeit


Check out Biohacker's official Encyclopedia page on The Infidel Netwerk to get an official artist biography, a complete list of releases, and links to all his social media and streaming website availability:


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