Lilith My Mother Features On The March 31st Episode Of DJ BAnn's Hard Rock Hell Radio

April 1, 2019

Featuring on March 31st edition of DJ BAnn's Hard Rock Hell Radio Industrial & Metal oriented podcast, among many other greats such as Aesthetic Perfection, Rammstein, OOMPH!, Amnistia, and more, is our very own Machines On Blast. Catch this great episode and give our European Darkwaver some love! Find the episode free streaming on Mixcloud:



Fatal Nightmare - Hourglass
UCNX - Preset (feat. Blayne from Idiot Stare)
Aesthetic Perfection - Gods & Gold (feat. Richard Z. Kruspe)
MIND DRILLER - Calling At The Stars
9ELECTRIC - I Don't Want To Be
Rammstein - Deutschland
OOMPH! - Kein Liebeslied (Album Version)
Nachtfalter - Folge Mir
London Sadness - My Wasteland (feat. Lilith My Mother)
Lilith My Mother - Her Little Black Soul
13th Chime - Cuts Of Love
Amnistia (Official) - Package Of Regrets
Covenant (OFFICIAL) - All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
Mr.Kitty - Be Alive
GROOVENOM - Alter Freund
Kristopher Bernard - Reflected In Your Eyes
Silent Signals - London Harassed
The Fall - Music - Totally Wired
Joy Division - Leaders Of Men
Dark Side Eons - The Entrance
Atomzero - Technology
CREDIT 00 - Extasy Overdose
Tamaryn - Angels Of Sweat
Pictureplane - B.D.S.M
Krate - Confidence Man (Featuring Cardinal Noire)
Viscera Drip - Stay Away From Me
Machinista - Dark Heart Of Me (DNTR Remix)
end.user - Red Line
Slighter - Undertow (Single Mix)
Mordacious - Transformation
Scar Limit - We Are A Sickness
Hocico Official - DARK SUNDAY
Defeat - Live Your Life


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