Machines On Blast Features On The March 19th Episode Of DJ BAnn's Hard Rock Hell Radio

March 20, 2019

Featuring on March 19th edition of DJ BAnn's Hard Rock Hell Radio Industrial & Metal oriented podcast, among many other greats such as Combichrist, Pheremone, ESA, Download, and more, is our very own Machines On Blast. Catch this great episode and give our Florida Electro Metal rockers some love! Find the episode free streaming on Mixcloud:



Darkcell - The Great Big Nothing
Razorback Hollow - The Sanctity Of Your Temple Is Ruined By Your Inability To Cope
Semargl - I Am Not (feat. Kloudization)
Cyndustry - Gotta Help
Combichrist - Hate Like Me
Slick Idiot - Let It Rain (Xanadumix By Basil Black)
VOWWS - Structure of Love
Pheromone - Back in the Day
SOULIMAGE - Human Kind
PIG & Sasha Grey - Cult Of Chaos (8 Arrows Remix by Ego Likeness)
Tool - The Grudge
ESA: Electronic Substance Abuse - I Want It Now (Lucifers Touch Remix by Manufactura)
Buzzing Sound Candy - Back In Time
Download - Gaslighter
Cat Hall / Dissonance - Break Myself
Unwoman - Head Like A Hole
Omnimar - The Road
Mr.Kitty - The View Isn't The Same
Wonder Dark - I Want More
Stranger Dreams - Inferno
FrozenPlasma - Murderous Trap (Ruined Conflict Pakt)
Ministry - Corrosion
May May Graves - Die Like It's The 80s (Intravenous Mix)
Tragic Impulse - Space Force
Freakangel - Death Walks With Us (Panic Lift Remix)
Deflexity - Valravn
TONTTU - Tonttuuden Loputtomassa Suossa Soi Pimeyden Ääni
Injustrial - Porcelain Doll (It's Not You, It's Re-Mix By The Gothsicles)
Franz Schultz feat VDREY - I HATE YOU
BolPaVoXmusic - Nadle
Machines on Blastlast - Chemical Coma
13th Angel - Degrading Vision
Defeat - Goodbye


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