Fresh Trax! : BESS - Dragonfly (ft Toothpinch)

February 5, 2019

BESS and Toothpinch provide an excellent collaborative track with the moody and poetic "Dragonfly". A dark and dubby affair throughout with deep swelling and pulsing sounds providing the basis for most of the instrumentation, progressively shifting and vibrating much like the vocals do with both a natural waver and synthetic sheen from time to time adding an extra flare to the serene emotional lyrics. Check out the track free streaming on BESS' official Soundcloud


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I thought if he held me
I could breathe. 
Carriages in the wallpaper
Elastic shorts. Eyes can only
Fixate when the room stops spinning
When the wine kicks in.

If you knew how much it hurt
If you knew how much it hurt
If you knew how much it hurt

I could clench a little tighter, dear
It’s the cold sweat of fear, dear
I might cut it off.
My eyes fixate 
It’s just a dragonfly
Swooping down

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