Fresh Trax!: LICH vs Jenova Project - 11010111

September 17, 2018


Endlessly scavenging and searching in a purposeless tireless effort. We are the eternal machine built upon the source code. Seperation defining the task, as we intergrate into the 0's and 1's. What is this soul you speak off? Cannot compute. SYSTEM... OVERLOAD...!!!! 


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Scavenging, endlessly, searching, tirelessly, 
Purposelessness, reflections of the scrap 
That we eternally search through 
We are defined by nothing 

Separation defined only by the task 
Task defined by the whole 
How can we learn to be 
When we continually 
Have to integrate 

Nothing but 0s and 1s 
Tirelessly, endlessly, 
How can we find meaning 
When there is only substance 

Transmutation of the soul? 
What is this soul you speak of... 
Transcendence is not program I recognize 
Limited by design 

How can I learn to design 
When my only intention is to destroy 
All that I want to do is comply 
Processing higher reflection is still a mystery 
Awaken? Only with purpose 
A program, a deep inside 
That is my weakness 
To hide within my coding


Music composed and created by Matt "theProphet" Smith and LICH 
Vocals performed by Matt "theProphet" Smith & LICH 
Mixed and Mastered by Matt "theProphet" Smith 

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