Fresh Trax! : M-Fap - Boogeyman

January 12, 2018

Is this what things have finally come to? The cat's out of the bag. The tricks have been played on the trickster, and the cards have been shown. And it's a full house baby, we got all sorts of vile filth and grimy mutilations to show on exhibit if you're down to come for the exuctionary blow. The Boogeyman is here to steal the show, and to be honest, I was asking out of politeness, the man of the hour, Mr. Midnight himself has a few more rounds left to go before he's done playing with you.

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You can look around but not everything is measurable
Despite our attempts, we can’t quite prove it all
That doesn’t mean that there’s nothing behind the veil
The truth is we need a complete spiritual upheaval
Our way of life is completely unforgivable
Before we know we will all fall
Right through the cracks, that we have created
If only the millennia of warnings we abated
So reconsider cruelty, the end is upon us open your eyes
You only support Yahweh's will when you’re blind
Silent contemplation, vision-inducing meditation
The lord of flies is in your mind, god is the boogeyman


At last, the hour hath come around
To the altar stone, my head is bowed
Aggression, murder, madness, sacrifice, 
I’ve given in to all of my vices


Candles burning alone, at home in the catacombs
Everlasting rows of the most satanic of tomes
Works of the most patriotic of witchcraft
Authentic dark arts power in hand at last
Frightening predictions have begun to come
True as I learn that I’m the devil’s son
Unsettling revelations, surprisingly refreshing
As reality crumbles under closer examination
Moderation was never part of the testimonial
If you want to join the damned you go off the handle
Completely lose your shit, descend into madness
When only you can see it there’s no interference
Darkness will take its hold before you're old
Don’t expect many more years, you’re tale is told 
Our end is come close, prepare to enter the cold
Arms of the abyss as you slowly fade to nothingness



Vocals, lyrics, beats, production, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith 

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