M-Fap's Sexual Energy Promo

April 15, 2017


Enjoy this promotional long-take clip based around the upcoming music video for M-Fap's next single "Sexual Energy". This brief presentation that will give you a taste of the madness to come. Official video dropping Easter 2017!


Preview the video on YouTube:


You can find M-Fap's previous disgustingly perfect first music video "Quack Wack" on his official YouTube:



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Vocals, lyrics, mixing, and mastering by Matt "theProphet" Smith 
Beats, Production, Photography, Picture Editing, Videography, and Video Editing by Bubba Gums

Additional character performances by Bailee F.


Check out Matt's other musical projects:

Jenova Project: bit.ly/1VfYgll

Transhumanist at: bit.ly/1QpCNhI

Izkrist at: bit.ly/23V6st6

Ultra LHT Voyeur at: bit.ly/2o2gzMq 
LICH vs Jenova Project at: bit.ly/2o26xeg


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