Fresh Trax! : Corrosive Reaction - Religion Kills

May 25, 2016

Corrosive Reaction has released their first track in conjunction with The Infidel Netwerk. A brooding and haunting darkwave inspired electro-industrial anthem. Bringing back memories of epic bands like Distorted Memories and Tactical Sekt, with a blend of mysterious synth and orchestral samples, and thick EBM inspired drums.

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Religion divides 
People cry 
Killing for god 
Pray tonight 
A book, they claim 
So pure they say 
Words just gave them 
a license to kill
Twin Towers … Charlie Hebdo 
Bataclan … Brussels 
All victims 
Of a war… of PIGS 
Destruction around 
the world you see 
Suddenly you feel 
Religion kills

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