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The Infidel Netwerk's

Artist Development & Band Production Services

Based out of several home studios, including theProphet's studio2, Bubba Gummze's Revolutionary HQ, Databyte's Southern Station, and $cam Jone$'s mixPalace, we collectively have to offer various musical/audio-based production services.


Electronic Music Production Lessons

First meeting free

$25/hour in person

$20/hour over Skype

Band/Artist Development Services

First meeting free

$35/hour in person

$30/hour over Skype


Ever wanted to get into the mind of your favorite producer, and learn the tips and tricks they do to make wild music? Ever wanted to learn how to make electronic music in general? Well look no further we here at The Infidel Netwerk have offered from our pest producers and engineers lessons and tutoring on a wide variety of subjects including musical theory, genre training, drum programming, synth preset design, mixing, mastering, keeping creative, and much much more.
Some of our in house producers include (click on the picture to hear examples of their solo work, all mixed and mastered by themselves):
theProphet                       Databyte
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