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White Cauldron's Lament Appear On The August 29th Episode Of The Cyberland Radioshow

White Cauldron's track "Lament" from their debut album "Nine Hells" appears on the August 29th episode of the Cyberland Industrial and Dark Electronic Dance Radioshow alongside other great acts such as Paradox Obscur, Infecticide, Front 242, and more. Don't miss it free streaming on the official Cyberland Mixcloud page:


1. Neuroactive - Dances

2. Renard - Travel in Time

3. This is The Bridge - What You Don't Know Will Hurt You

4. Paradox Obscur - Mantras

5. LuMyia - Evil voices

6. INFECTICIDE - Un Monde En Forme

7. White Cauldron - Lament

8. Blackcell - Haunted Moon

9. Monolith - Unnatural Bodies

10. Retaliate Of Anger - Tuesday Rite

11. Front 242 - Body To Body (1988 Mix)

12. Void Kampf - Karmeliet


Follow White Cauldron and Cyberland Radioshow on their respective Facebook pages to keep up to date with their latest happenings:

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