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White Cauldron's "Dirty Street" Appears on Bootstomp Industrial Episode 0.47

The latest The Infidel Netwerk associated super-group White Cauldron, an amalgamation between Toothpinch and Bess, have had their track "Dirty Streets" appear on the popular Industrial and Alternative Electronic oriented Radioshow Bootstomp Industrial alongside other great acts including Synapscape, Spankthenun, Varicella, and more. Don't miss this jampacked exciting episode featured free streaming on Mixcloud:


01:01 - Synapscape - I Can't Kill What You See [ant-zen]

05:07 - Daddybear - Pillow Biter (feat. Grabyourface)

08:47 - Synthetische Lebensform - Accident

13:22 - Meshes x Lera Foer - Бессмыслица [Up North Records]

16:56 - Razorback Hollow - Hey Buddy (Feat. Peter Turns Pirate) [Metropolis Records / Distortion Productions]

20:04 - Planetdamage - Scraps

26:15 - White Cauldron - Dirty Streets [Nowhere Now Records]

29:20 - Hyperlacrimae - In My Poison [Infidel Bodies]

33:46 - Spankthenun - Glitch (Stahlschlag's System Overload Mix)

38:51 - Varicella - The World is Dying [Machine Man Records]

42:56 - Chiasm - Away [COP International]

47:20 - D3m0nH8 - The Choke of your Undoing

Follow White Cauldron on their official Facebook to get up to date info:

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