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White Cauldron's Debut Song "Nine Hells ft. Cyberlich" Appears On Nowhere Now Volume 3

Updated: May 20, 2020

Debuting on the underground industrial specializing record label Nowhere Now's third official compilation is the group White Cauldron's debut song "Nine Hells ft. Cyberlich". White Cauldron is a group featuring The Infidel Netwerk artists BESS & Toothpinch teaming up together to create brutal Electro-ndustrial/Industrial Rock mayhem that will make fans of early Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, and Android Lust hugely excited. Also featuring on the compilation are many other great industrial artists you may not have heard of, but definitily should, including the ZCluster, Accumortis, VZoid, and more! Don't miss the release at a very reasonable "Pay What You Want" price at the official Nowhere Now Bandcamp:

Tracklisting 1. ZCluster - Down By The River 2. Marcel Helmar - Manic Depression 3. Accumortis - Rehearsed Dialogue 4. CRIX IIIX - Better Days Have Past 5. Konqistador ft Salome MC & DJ Los - Karitha 6. VZOID - Heartbeat 7. White Cauldron ft Cyberlich - Nine Hells 8. Jung Shadow - The Great American Folk Tale 9. Gnostic Gorilla - Rotting Empire (Cyan Hell Mix)

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