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White Cauldron Appears On The July 7th Episode of Infectious Unease Radio Show

White Cauldron appears on the July 7th Episode of Infectious Unease Radio Show alongside other great acts such as Queens Of The Static Opera, Crucifixion Machine, Spankthenun, and more! Don't miss the full episode free playback over at the HeartThis.At online radio streaming platform:


Geist Contagion - Choose Your Misadventure

Thesafteyword - Waiting Room

Sinsiter Device- Puppets Of Society

Queens Of The Static Opera - Warm Leatherette

Harold Nono - The Shout

Auger - My Guardian

Crucifixion Machine - In Disgust Of Nationalism

Heiniche - Phantom_Lady

Tamat - Desolation

Spankthenun - Carbon Responder

Third Realm - Dance Like You Want To Die

Pro Patria - War (Till The Day We Die)

The Gothsicles - Louder! (Ft. The Boundless)

Synthattack - Dirty Dark Electro

Echo Rescue - I Can See The Future (Detroit Mix)

Zwaremachine - Ripping At The Fabric

Tok'ra, Psychoacoustic Vision - Sin (Deadly Version)

Elz And The Cult - Brainfreeze (Angelspit Remix)

Zairyn - Time Alone (June 25 Mix)

Your Ghost - Future Echoes

No Carrier - Little Death (Version 16)

White Cauldron - The Evil Mind

Exponentia - Die Schatten

Exponentia - Le Navire Des Âmes

The Dust Ryde - Gunslinger (Coffin REmix)

The Glass House Museum - Sewn Up

Pilgrims Of Yearning - HAven

Raven Said - Bewitched

Frank The Baptist - Like Vandals Did (When In Rome)

The Ecstatic Spells - Great Loser

TIJ (TThe Inconsistent Jukebox) - A Puppet Pulling Strings

La Memoria - Desaparecida

Echoekill - Bad Guy

Wandering Stars - Gamelli

The Quinsky - We Degrade

Moonshine Effects - Just Before Dawn

Guillotine Dream - Leave Me Here

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