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Toothpinch Appears On Ghostwave Radio's Too Hot To Talk 2: EBM / Industrial DJ Mix

Toothpinch appears on the Too Hat To Talk 2 mix from Ghost Wave Radio alongside other great acts such as Pro Patrio, Chrome Corpse, Zwaremachine, and others. Don't miss it free streaming on the awesome DJ mix streaming platform Mixcloud:


KALT - TrusT [Casus Belli Mix By TÖT]

Pro Patria - Limits to Madness (DJ Mix)

Euforic Existence - Fortune Of War

TÖT - Wanderer [Nyborg Mix By KALT]

Chrome Corpse - Cortex Pulverizer

KALT - Lex TALionis

Strong Product - Safety Guide

Machine Animal feat. TFG (TONTTU) - Caninvs-Mechanicvs-Anti-Gnomecvs- PART II - NYT

Zwaremachine - New Design

DEN.C.T.BUG - Straftäter (Datei 2020)

The Funhouse Collective - Twilight Zone (TWO AM MIX)

District 13 - Throw It Off (Volthor Remix)

Decent News - I'm Slipping Away

Deflexity - Valravn

Toothpinch - One Day

Get all the lowdown on Toothpinch's project, including a biography, release catalog, and links to his social media and streaming websites, check out his Encyclopedia profile on The Infidel Netwerk:

FollowToothpinch on his official Facebook for his latest activities:

Keep up to date with Ghostwave Radio on their official Facebook:

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