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The Best Links On The Net: 5-02-2020 by Jenova Project

Updated: May 20, 2020

A collection of the best links gathered around the net on a wide variety of engaging substances. I hope you all enjoy! All links are found up on The People's Party Of Planet Earth on Facebook for discussion. Feel free to join in, and submit your own articles for discussion as well:

All links are collected by theProphet, founder of The Infidel Netwerk, and songwriter performer behind Jenova Project & M-Fap. Keep up to date with his latest happening on his official Facebook:

Economy & Sociology

Airlines and oil giants are on the brink. No government should offer them a lifeline by The Guardian

Commentary: An interesting perspective. Maybe a bit too radical for my own views, as I believe we need to safeguard a safe transition to alternative systems by utilizing old systems. Things don't change overnight. But yes, I do think we cannot go back to business as usual, and we need to take the crisis as a massive opportunity to rapidly divert our course.

A progressive approach to COVID-19 recovery by Macleans

Commentary: Without a push for greater public infrastructure investment, attentiveness to human rights, and a transition to more economic self-sufficiency we will not have an adequate pathway to recovery for the majority.

As Business Owners Face Jail for Staying Open During Lockdown, ‘High-Risk’ Child Rapists Set Free by The Free Thought Project

Commentary: When I read about things like this I truly shake my head and wonder how the hell these sort of decisions get made, and passed through the system unquestioned.

Backing the Wrong Horseman by Craig Murray

Commentary: Craig Murray always has an interesting perspective. His comparison between the money we spend and damage we do in the wars we commit in the name of peace and stability, to our current reaction to COVID, is a very unique one indeed.

Covid-19 forces Europe to rethink globalisation by International Politics & Society

Commentary: And the mainstream calls for economic deglobalization begin. At least people are going panic, and saying "pull everything now". It's more like a re-alignment with sovereign ideals instead of continually outsourcing work and products for the cheapest deal. I don't see this as being an end to globalization, more like an end to cheap crony Capitalist-based globalization. We'll be taking a lot more of a Progressive Conservative approach to things going forward with the global economy I think.

Lyft is laying off 982 employees, furloughing a further 288 due to COVID-19 pandemic by TechCrunch

Commentary: The gig economy was touted pre-crisis as something to be supported and encouraged as a way for people to earn extra money or escape the traditional 9-5 business structure. But this crisis shows just how vulnerable that position is, as any disruption of economy or society renders the gig market basically crippled.

How can billions of people 'stay home' to beat Covid-19 without a safe place to live? by The Guardian

Commentary: COVID exposes all of the ills of Capitalism at it's core, homelessness being one of the most obvious as how can one stay at home when you simply have none? Or at least not one that has access to the sanitation one needs to live there without leaving chronically.

Green New Deal is the recovery plan Alberta needs by Edmonton Journal

Commentary: If Alberta doesn't divert, which sadly it won't (at least not a first), it's gonna face some SERIOUS hardship and the people who let the province burn are gonna be driven out with pitchforks, or worse for them possibly incriminated with negligence. It's amazing how deep Kenny and the invested interests he represents have their head in the ground. There's no going back from this.

Study Finds Unions Make Companies More Productive by Vice

Commentary: Want better workers, give them better rights. What's the best way to get strong worker bonds and bottom-to-top accountability? Unions. And it's not just some ideology, it's backed by statistics. Bargaining power = better wages = harder workers. Math!

Trump-tied companies receive millions in small business aid by Open Secrets

Commentary: This sort of Nepotism is so brazen, I wonder if under the circumstances that Trump gets rejected for a second term that this will get investigated and hopefully prosecutions will happen. This sort of precedent cannot be allowed to happen in future crisis.


Will there be a silver lining to this pandemic? by Rabble

Commentary: Could we be on the verge of a new beginning? Only if we allow ourselves to see past old paradigms.


Link identified between dietary selenium and outcome of Covid-19 disease by University Of Surrey

Commentary: Showing once again that diet/nutrition is one of the biggest factors into our immune system.

New study confirms that gas stoves are bad for your health by Treehugger

Commentary: Our gas stoves are killing us! Yet another reason to get off the non-renewables...

Why a flatter curve does not mean we've won the COVID-19 battle by CBC

Commentary: Let's hope they got on that vaccine business, cause I understand we have to stay vigilant, but if we have to in the long term we need to start addressing the social and economic changes we're gonna have to make to accommodate that, not just the bandaid solutions we've been seeing so far.

Over 70% of Tested Inmates in Federal Prisons Have COVID-19, Official Figures Show by Time

Commentary: "Everything is okay, just fine, nothing to see here" as people are coughing and choking and dying everywhere. That's the way the GOP deals with things.


It’s Crucial to Distinguish Between Can’t and Won’t—With a Million Lives at Stake by FAIR

Commentary: It's important to know what COULD have been done and what WASN'T done, because when it comes to looking back on the response to this crisis and possibly pointing fingers of blame it's gonna be relevant to know the distinction between when people/institutions made a choice, and when their hands were forced.

Groundhog Day: Juan Guaidó Is Trying to Overthrow the Venezuelan Government Again by Mint Press News

Commentary: America freezing Venezuelan assets and giving it to their opposition to fund a coup isn't at all why the country is suffering, right? Ughhhh the tone-deaf response of the mainstream left is harrowing. So glad Mint Press News is willing to cover this stuff. Funny how with over a quarter a billion American dollars Guaido can't even amassed a solid following in Venezuela.

Tara Reade allegations stir Democratic unrest by Politico

Commentary: You can tell who controls the narrative when the reporting focuses more on the damage to Biden's campaign then the allegations themselves.

Trump’s Foolish Iran Threats Might Yield The War He Says He Doesn’t Want by The American Conservative

Commentary: The American's position on Iran, only intensified by Trump, has been no short of disastrous. Slowly destroying the country with sanctions and by supporting their enemies, like has seemingly been the current long-running plan, even if it accomplished its end goal of destabilizing the current governing factions wouldn't lead to a democratic revolution. It just creates more power vacuum in the middle east to be swallowed by more instability and predatory factions.

Why Germany Will Never Be Europe’s Leader by Bloomberg

Commentary: I always found it ironic that the EU is always looking to Germany for leadership, considering Germany's past. Like it makes sense economically, they are the strongest nation in the EU, but handing over Europe to the Nation that previously tried to conquer it several times always makes me chuckle a bit. Germany's rejection of the role always thrust upon them is even more humorous. It's like they don't wanna accept it and have everyone be like "Aha, got yeah, I knew what you wanted the whole time!" lol

Will A New Great Depression Dictate Trump’s Fate? by The American Conservative

Commentary: Big promises during times when they couldn't be promised is what collapsed support for the GOP during the last great depression post-Spanish Flu. Similar situations could be setting stages for a strong Democratic showing in coming elections.

Science & Technology

Astronomer's War Our Sun Is Having a "Midlife Crisis" by Futurism

Commentary: Another explanation for our sun's comparative inactivty is that it may be in a mid-life calm, meaning it may not be as special as previous reports may have indicated.

Robots are playing many roles in the coronavirus crisis – and offering lessons for future disasters by The Conversation

Commentary: Automation and robotics could play a crucial role in helping us deal with future pandemics with reduced contamination for our front line workers.

These Researchers Want You to Live In a Fungus Megastructure by Futurism

Commentary: Imagine basically everything in your world being created by fungus. That's what these scholars imagine, and it's pretty damn cool!

We Might Have First-Ever Detection of a Fast Radio Burst in Our Own Galaxy by ScienceAlert

Commentary: This fast radio bursts have been one of the biggest mysteries in modern times for astronomers, and now we finally have one of our biggest clues to the answers and it's pointing towards magnetars!

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