The Best Links On The Net: 5-01-2020 by Jenova Project

Updated: May 20, 2020

A collection of the best links gathered around the net on a wide variety of engaging substances. I hope you all enjoy! All links are found up on The People's Party Of Planet Earth on Facebook for discussion. Feel free to join in, and submit your own articles for discussion as well:

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Economy & Sociology

Amazon turns to Chinese firm on U.S. blacklist to meet thermal camera needs by Reuters


Commentary: Considering the way they manage their employees and engage in monopolization tactics in their country, buying tyrant technology from Dictatorships seems completely in line with their practices and ideology.

Coronavirus Capitalism and “Exceptional” America by Counterpunch


Commentary: A crisis shouldn't lead to 21 opportunities for the wealthy to profiteer... but here they are anyways...

Uncivil Corporate Discourse by Academe


Commentary: Blaming the decline of civil discourse on the supposed educated liberal elite takeover of University campuses is one of the more insane conspiracy theories to go mainstream in the American Conservative discourse. It's all too obvious to anyone with a brain and a set of logical deduction capabilities that the real disrupter of discourse is the meddling of Corporations and the wealthy into the intellectual conversation of the world. By using their financial might they can buy scientists and media platforms to spread disinformation mixed with us versus them divide and conquer narrative to anyone who disagrees with them. It's hard to have a conversation about truth, when our objective scientific methods and journalistic practices are being perverted by the wealthy.

Save America, Throw the Landlords Under the Bus by Counterpunch


Commentary: After hedge fund managers and corporate board trustees, I'd say landlords would be the next to go for me if we had to start cutting jobs out from future societies. Why do we need landlords when all land should be publically owned and fairly managed.


10 Inspiring Discussions on Improving the Post-COVID Food System by FoodTank


Commentary: A great collection of forward thinkers and their progressive ideas on dynamic food solutions going into the future. An essential conversation not only due to situation we had leading up to now, but due to the pressures, the crisis we are now facing is putting on the already desperate situations we were in before.

Can Eco-Socialism Save the World? by Canadian Dimension


Commentary: Naomi Klein excellent book "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" is an essential read exposing the ills of Capitalism in the modern age, and making reference to it in his new book Michael Löwy "Eco-Socialism" he proposes some excellent solutions all that start with the idea of centralized planning. A must read!