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The Best Links On The Net: 5-01-2020 by Jenova Project

Updated: May 20, 2020

A collection of the best links gathered around the net on a wide variety of engaging substances. I hope you all enjoy! All links are found up on The People's Party Of Planet Earth on Facebook for discussion. Feel free to join in, and submit your own articles for discussion as well:

All links are collected by theProphet, founder of The Infidel Netwerk, and songwriter performer behind Jenova Project & M-Fap. Keep up to date with his latest happening on his official Facebook:

Economy & Sociology

Amazon turns to Chinese firm on U.S. blacklist to meet thermal camera needs by Reuters

Commentary: Considering the way they manage their employees and engage in monopolization tactics in their country, buying tyrant technology from Dictatorships seems completely in line with their practices and ideology.

Coronavirus Capitalism and “Exceptional” America by Counterpunch

Commentary: A crisis shouldn't lead to 21 opportunities for the wealthy to profiteer... but here they are anyways...

Uncivil Corporate Discourse by Academe

Commentary: Blaming the decline of civil discourse on the supposed educated liberal elite takeover of University campuses is one of the more insane conspiracy theories to go mainstream in the American Conservative discourse. It's all too obvious to anyone with a brain and a set of logical deduction capabilities that the real disrupter of discourse is the meddling of Corporations and the wealthy into the intellectual conversation of the world. By using their financial might they can buy scientists and media platforms to spread disinformation mixed with us versus them divide and conquer narrative to anyone who disagrees with them. It's hard to have a conversation about truth, when our objective scientific methods and journalistic practices are being perverted by the wealthy.

Save America, Throw the Landlords Under the Bus by Counterpunch

Commentary: After hedge fund managers and corporate board trustees, I'd say landlords would be the next to go for me if we had to start cutting jobs out from future societies. Why do we need landlords when all land should be publically owned and fairly managed.


10 Inspiring Discussions on Improving the Post-COVID Food System by FoodTank

Commentary: A great collection of forward thinkers and their progressive ideas on dynamic food solutions going into the future. An essential conversation not only due to situation we had leading up to now, but due to the pressures, the crisis we are now facing is putting on the already desperate situations we were in before.

Can Eco-Socialism Save the World? by Canadian Dimension

Commentary: Naomi Klein excellent book "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" is an essential read exposing the ills of Capitalism in the modern age, and making reference to it in his new book Michael Löwy "Eco-Socialism" he proposes some excellent solutions all that start with the idea of centralized planning. A must read!

Cleaner Air in Europe Has Resulted in 11,000 Fewer Deaths, New Study Says by EcoWatch

Commentary: More statistics gathered from this crazy lockdown that really strengthens the green argument and show just what we could accomplish by transitioning to greener sources of energy.

Irrigation expansion could feed 800 million more people by Berkeley Rausser

Commentary: A lot of the problems the world has simply has that population exploded well past infrastructure development. If the "third world" could tackle irrigation issues they could sustainably feed large amounts of more people, greatly improving the quality of life for millions of people.

'Microplastic Hot Spots' Are Tainting Deep-Sea Ecosystems by Wired

Commentary: Yet another damning consequence from our plastic addiction.

Teen Invents Biodegradable “Plastic” That Decomposes In 33 Days Using Prawn Shells And Silk Cocoon Protein by TruthTheory

Commentary: The youth are gonna save our planet! And affordably at that!

Using lots of plastic packaging during the coronavirus crisis? You’re not alone by The Conversation

Commentary: Sadly in my community, they've gone as far as to ban reusable bags to prevent the spread of contamination, forcing everyone to only use plastic bags. This is coming shortly after Canada actually banned non-reusable plastics, obviously, it's not in effect yet but it'll come in effect in a few years. It's just sad and ironic our reaction to the crisis is to go the exact opposite direction of that. But what do you do during unprecedented times? Health is #1, but I just hope this doesn't become some sort of new norm and the non-reusable plastic ban doesn't get thrown out in the name of safety.

Water should be a public good, not a commodity. Catalonia is showing how by Open Democracy

Commentary: Privatization of water, an essential requirement for all life, when it's been proven the privateer doesn't give a shit about human life or dignity, is literally handing the keys to our safety and health as a human species to psychopaths.


Looking at “The Secret Group of Scientists and Billionaires Pushing a Manhattan Project for COVID-19” with a Critical Eye by Naked Capitalism

Commentary: If you thought the "Manhatten Project for COVID-19" looked suspicious it's because it is. It's not meant to be a dynamic solution, it's meant to be one, yes guided by science, but in the end, intimately controlled by the American/Western finance sector.

Thousands at risk from COVID-19 in ‘dangerous’ UK call centres by Open Democracy

Commentary: How call centers can be considered essential workers is beyond me. Being trapped in those recycled air offices tightly cramped together is basically a virus trap.


Cuba is Ready to Aid the U.S. in its Fight Against COVID-19 by The Progressive

Commentary: The politicization of international aid is the latest weapon the United States uses against Cuba. Disgusting and despicable during this time of crisis when they are offering so much help!

How To Change The Rules Of Trade To Bring Manufacturing Home by The American Conservative

Commentary: An excellent article that exposes the national fragility created by extreme globalization dependence. We shouldn't shut down globalization by any means, but we do need to transfer our manufacturing sectors at least partially back to home to prevent shortages (which happens routinely in capitalism, and devastatingly during almost every crisis). Combine this with a legislative framework to empower workers again, giving them fairer wages and actual investment in the companies they are participating in, as well as stronger antitrust laws, and it could really revitalize the economy while providing more stability in resources.

Is It Time to Launch an Investigation Into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Possible ‘Crimes Against Humanity’? by Strategic Culture

Commentary: This draws many parallels to the military games that were being done prior to and on the day of 9/11. Is COVID-19 the ultimate false flag event? Not meaning in the sense that it didn't happen, but that it's the crisis is being coordinated by those in power. If you don't get chills reading about Event 201 then I dunno what would...

Is the Tara Reade Story Approaching Critical Mass? by Down With Tyranny

Commentary: We can certainly hope so! If this doesn't break critical mass it would be the end of much of the support the DNC gets from the feminist movement, which they've been piggybacking off for years.

Justin Trudeau’s Weak Sauce Approach To China Is Embarrassing by The American Conservative

Commentary: I understand not wanting to be associated with Donald Trump's brazen racism and bullishness, but when the rest of the international community is making a rally call to expose and make China accountable for their deception and misdeeds and you refuse to identify it as anything but conspiratorial thinking, even against the general will and understanding of your own people as well, then you are failing your role as an international and national leader. Course, what do you expect from a leader, and frankly a party, that has cozied up to the Chinese Communist Party at every opportunity possible, even going as far as to praise their dictatorship for its ability to bolster their economy? Disgusting... but predictable as always in the political circus we all keep watching. The worst part about this all though is not that our leaders are idiots willing to sell our country's media out to foreign nations it wants to trade with, but it has literally sold our country out period. The RCMP wrote a damning report showing the level of influence and infiltration China has expanded over almost every essential system in Canada. It's the first stage to a takeover, and more and more Trudeau makes himself seem either like an idiot or worst complicit.

Our Chemical Regulatory Program Is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It. by Undark

Commentary: Reading this article is one of those moments where you stop questioning why all the animals are dying and people are getting cancer. The system in the United States for chemical regulation is literally designed to give chemical manufacturers as much leeway and impunity as possible. And with the EPA getting attacked politically and financially all the time by Conservative governments, it'd make sense that much of the chemicals we take for granted as being safe aren't nearly as so.

It Took COVID To Expose The Fraud Of ‘American Exceptionalism’ by The American Conservative

Commentary: Is the COVID crisis the wakeup call that Americans need to realize they aren't top shit enlightened masters of the world? We can hope!

The Way Liberals Smear Tara Reade Is Everything Rape Survivors Fear by Caitlin Johnstone

Commentary: I see this Tara Reade thing breaking the DNC. #DemExit is all over social media, and Biden is just getting eviscerated by his own party... I can't imagine what Republicans are gonna do when election cycle goes full toxic.

The woke left is a lie — all of it: the politics, the mantras, the pronoun pins by Feminist Current

Commentary: I can see this article being really controversial, but I think it makes you think.

With apparently fabricated nuclear documents, Netanyahu pushed the US towards war with Iran by The Grayzone

Commentary: A ludicrous discovery story that sounds out of a bad political thriller TV show, documents that bear no evidence of any Iranian official seals or identification, and lack of any external expert analysis, and a horrible track record of lying about the exact same thing with previous fabricated evidence... How does anyone take Netanyahu seriously?

Science & Technology

Elon Musk's Dystopian Nightmare Of 5G Satellites Encircling The Globe Is Already Here by Waking Times

Commentary: The amount of 5G satellites that Musk is putting into the sky is concerning. I'm not entirely opposed to 5G, but I also am skeptical of it considering the amount of Corporate science that has been proven to be bought off over the years to accelerate production past safety standards.

Hope For Free Speech - The World Rallies To Support Brian Rose's New Censorship Free Streaming Platform by Waking Times

Commentary: It seems like all the rampant censorship and demonetization is catching up to YouTube. If you make your platform hostile to everyone except Corporations and the most banal MSM-type thinkers you're gonna loose what makes it special and open up room for competition.

NASA picks SpaceX, Dynetics and Blue Origin-led team to develop Artemis moon landers by Space

Commentary: Considering all three companies' high levels of investment and success in recent years it makes total sense. To be honest, the collaboration between public and private sectors is not something I normally celebrate, but when it comes to Space I think it's the only realistic solution to accelerating our time frame in a realistic manner.

Our sun is a weirdly 'quiet' star — and that's lucky for all of us by Space

Commentary: Having a relatively docile sun compared to others of its size is one of the best things for human tech and even life. We should only feel so blessed to be not only in a goldilocks zone in our solar system but to have a goldilocks sun in general!

The Power and Plight of Science by Counterpunch

Commentary: Unless we keep science vetted by the scientific process and not invested interest science will lose it's meaning and just become a tool of doublespeak for the elite, which in many cases has already transpired in the modern reality.

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