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The Best Links On The Net: 4-30-2020 by Jenova Project

Updated: May 20, 2020

A collection of the best links gathered around the net on a wide variety of engaging substances. I hope you all enjoy! All links are found up on The People's Party Of Planet Earth on Facebook for discussion. Feel free to join in, and submit your own articles for discussion as well:

All links are collected by theProphet, founder of The Infidel Netwerk, and songwriter performer behind Jenova Project & M-Fap. Keep up to date with his latest happening on his official Facebook:

Economy & Sociology

As US Economy Tanks, Study Finds Unemployment Numbers Likely Double Official Figure by Mint Press News

Commentary: The way unemployment is tracked has never been even remotely close to the % of people who are actively unemployed. So when they say unemployment could reach 20%, it's probably gonna be closer to 40-50%... scary times!

Fifty days into the COVID-19 pandemic, and homeless people are still in a desperate situation by Rabble

Commentary: In a country where shelter is considered a right, we don't guarantee it very well or very safely.

How to fix the world by Open Democracy

Commentary: We are a crux in history and we have an opportunity. We have an opportunity to stay the course and most likely collapse under our own unneeded pressure. Or we could use this as a beautiful opportunity to do something different. Realize that privatizing our essential services and allowing a small % of the population to accumulate most of the wealth, all while depriving our social safety nets through harsh austerity, is not the way to go. We can take back our Democracy and Essential Economic Services and return them to the people through a process of integrated decentralization. Our future doesn't have to be as bleak as some predict. And this doesn't mean the end of Capitalism or private ownership. It just means private ownership can't come at the expense of public and ecological safety going forward. Same thing with Globalism. It doesn't need to end. It just needs to actually be Global, instead of an extrapolation of old age colonialism. There is a plan, a series of steps to get us there. Far-reaching, sourced, and comprehensive. Read this article, it's really quite brilliant.

It's time to repurpose dying retail spaces for community housing by Rabble

Commentary: As the retail market further and further collapses, it would be in the government's best interest to tackle the increasing housing issues by providing more affordable housing. This would ultimately strengthen our economy by reducing the burden that rent puts on low-income households meaning more of their money could be spent into increasing their quality of life and putting more of their money into the economy. It would also prevent the development of slums as places are shuttered with nothing to return, which if it were to happen would reduce property values around and increase crime and homelessness.

Medication Shortages Are the Next Crisis by The Atlantic

Commentary: Things like this are glad that I'm able bodied and don't require medication to survive. Living in these times and having your life dependent on medicine would be frightening.

The condominium’s grim reapers: Coronavirus and recession by The Conversation

Commentary: The condominium model really only works with strong economies where people can afford to pay collectively. As soon as people start to foreclose the cost of the expenses they were helping cover get passed on to everyone else. In tight economic markets, and now more specifically crisis markets, it can be difficult to refill the vacancies leading to long term financial strain on the overall condominium's maintenance, and eventually lead to the complete financial destruction of the unit.

The Pandemic Hasn’t Stopped Aggressive Medical-Debt Collection by Truthout

Commentary: More proof how the medical care system is all profit, with health as a secondary consideration. During a crisis this sort of predatory activities should 100% be prohibited.

Trump Against Additional COVID-19 Relief, Backs Cuts to Social Security Instead by Truthout

Commentary: Tax breaks to corporations didn't lead to job growth in most cases with his tax cuts to the rich. So doing so, instead of providing further relief to workers, during this crisis is just plain lunacy.

US: Avoid Covid-19 Catastrophe in Jails, Prisons by Human Rights Watch

Commentary: The overcrowded unsanitary conditions on American prisons are prime ripe areas for mass infection. Providing a safe environment isn't only essential to the prisoners, many of them minor offenders, but also the extensive working staff kept in there with them (And all of their family and friends they could potentially expose!)


As Covid-19 Forces Emission Reductions, Media Offer Oil Industry Elegies by FAIR

Commentary: Imagine if we took air pollution as seriously as COVID. Based around the #s we really should be.

COVID-19 Lights Up Biological Annihilation by Species In Peril

Commentary: Until we treat our wildlife like a sanctuary, our human health like a right, we will continue along a pathway of biological annihilation.

Deadly Leaps by Grist

Commentary: Minimizing our continual encroachment into nature, and banning our exotic wildlife trade (for food or otherwise), could go a long way to minimizing the impact of viruses, around 60% of new ones which comes from exotic animals.

Facing a Health Crisis, Cities Implore Courts to Limit Pollution by EcoWatch

Commentary: Given how linked air pollution and infection is you think the world would have taken it more seriously if we really cared about a public health crisis...


Experts: People Probably Aren't Actually Catching COVID Again by Futurism

Commentary: Combined with the news that the mutations currently exhibited by COVID have been minor and mostly insignificant in regard to people who have been infected's ability to continue to fight off the virus with developed antibodies, this is positive news for hopes that a vaccine, or even herd immunity, may actually help.

Heart disease more likely for adults with dysfunctional childhoods by Northwestern Now

Commentary: Another proof to show how much of an impact our nurture really has upon us. So much of the blueprint for our adult life gets set up in our childhood.

Opinion: Stress Not Only Destroys Your Health But Also “Makes You Addicted” by TruthTheory

Commentary: Stress makes us more susceptible to looking for quick and easy dopamine responses, aka addictive substances and activities. Totally makes sense!


“Believe Science” Is a Bad Response to Denialism by The New Republic

Commentary: If you really put together the timeline between the pre-response of COVID to the current activities, ranging from politicians to so-called experts, it's actually rather tragic what you see in the US. Shit show really doesn't do it justice.

COVID-19 poses an existential threat to human rights activists worldwide by Open Democracy

Commentary: We can't wait for governments to act in open brazen Tyranny. They'll target the minorities and critics first, using crisis as an excuse. But once they have the minorities and critics under control, your rights are next!

Disaster capitalism: Coronavirus crisis brings bailouts, tax breaks and lax environmental rules to oilsands by The Conversation

Commentary: Reading this absolutely boils my bones. This is disaster fascism, not disaster capitalism. Making such sweeping changes to the way business is regulated, all in line with your agenda prior to the crisis, is messed up beyond belief. This needs to be opposed by every Canadian who cares about our environment and/or economy. Oil is a dying industry and letting them destroy the Province further to prop up a corpse is non-sensical. Especially when it's gonna come at the cost of essential workers like teachers and health care professionals who are needed more than ever during these tough times.

'No Consequences for Negligence That Kills': McConnell Wants Corporate Immunity From Covid-19 Lawsuits by Common Dreams

Commentary: Corporate immunity is just another show of how they run politics, not the people.

The British Military Information War Waged On Their Own Population by UK Column

Commentary: Good to see Western government online propaganda divisions getting some exposure for the disinformation agents they are.

Pulitzer winner Chris Hedges: These "are the good times — compared to what's coming next" by Salon

Commentary: Astute observation. When the mechanizations of faux empowering Capitalist propaganda aren't aimed at you, you get to see the rot for what it is. And with more and more people being left out of society due to financial inability to participate, we are going to see more and more outliers. Sadly though, I'm not sure at this point getting a critical mass out outliers is what is needed anymore to topple the system. The system at this point is so decayed and broken, the best thing might be a collapse cause at least something new can come.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Con-sortium by UK Column

Commentary: Between Gates being wholly unqualified for his large degree of modeling and control in the vaccine industry, to the extreme horrible track record of the companies he partners with, this level of scientific and financial control in a key scientific industry by unscrupulous characters is not a recipe for fair and honorable science.

The War on Drugs has failed. But a profit-driven legal market is not the answer by Open Democracy

Commentary: Creating a tightly controlled monopolized market is far from legalization, as we have seen in Canada with our "legalization" it has done nothing to stop the black market or liberate those the war on drugs has falsely impoverished.

This COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Ready By September by Futurism

Commentary: The amount of research we've done into attempting to making previous coronavirus vaccines has given us as a bit of an edge on doing safe trials in humans, accelerating our potential timeline to a COVID vaccine.

Trump Orders Meat Plants to Stay Open During Pandemic by EcoWatch

Commentary: While I do agree keeping meat processing plants open is actually good during these times. The American food network and economy is heavily dependent on meat. But if opening up the meat processing plants is considered essential, then the goverment should go above and beyond the call of duty in making sure they have proper saftey measures and equipment, and that everyone who is exposed gets free medical treatment.

Trump’s Coming Victory Over The #MeToo Movement by The American Conservative

Commentary: Refusing to pursue the increasingly credible Tara Reade story, and ditchy Sleepy Joe, is going to be the DNC final undoing. Where do you go from loosing to Trump with your own senile sexual predator?

Science & Technology

Competing Pandemic Projections Driving You Mad? by The American Conservative

Commentary: Computer models are interesting and useful for speculation but are far from an accurate presentation of human activity in all of its complexities. We shouldn't be too fearful of them, especially when we don't even understand the data from a scientific perspective ourselves most of the time.

Is space-time smooth or chunky? by Space

Commentary: It seems too early to tell much with the single experiment carried over billions of light-years, but it's cool they're finding ways to actually test this stuff!

Quantum Computer of the Future: A Novel 2D Build With Existing Technology by SciTechDaily

Commentary: The complexity of quantum computers, not only their creation but storage, has been one of their biggest drawbacks not only in production but also in scaling them up. This will make both of those factors, if it all works out well (which it does in theory), far better making practical quantum computing a think of tomorrow!

Researchers Crack COVID-19 Genetic Signature Using AI, Identify Origin by SciTechDaily

Commentary: AI is only going to increasingly revolutionize the future of almost every industry we have on earth. Imagine what we will do with quantum computers!

These Mathematicians Think The Universe May Be Conscious by Futurism

Commentary: It's interesting how multiple mathematical and physics theories are coming out now to help bridge the divides between General Relativity, Quantum Physics, and our Conscious experience, and almost every single one of them are built upon principles of geometric unity, informational property basis, and consciousness as a fundamental aspect of the universe.

These Solar Panel Blinds Could Help Power Your Entire House by TruthTheory

Commentary: Easy to install effective solar technology is a great way to get more and more of our energy-dependent on renewable energy, and a great way to get the public interested and involved in the tech which is essential to its future support and development.

UFO Videos ‘Only Scratch the Surface’ of What the Pentagon Knows, Harry Reid Says by Vice

Commentary: UFOs getting the coverage they deserve!

Tyler Winklevoss wants to invest in a free-speech-focused, decentralized YouTube alternative by Reclaim The Net

Commentary: Personally I hope they invest in BitChute, and clean it up from the Nazis, or at the very least put them in their own corner if you wanna respect free speech. The biggest problem with "Free Speech" corners is you get all the undesirables as well as desirable, and the undesirables often have some of the loudest voice.

YouTube bans videos that “might” encourage people to ignore stay at home advice by Reclaim The Net

Commentary: Multiple political and scientific opinions are something we appreciate about Democracy, even if some people are considered wrong in the tides of history it's important I think all voices get heard.

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