The Best Links On The Net: 4-29-2020 by Jenova Project

Updated: May 20, 2020

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Economy & Sociology

Amazon Algorithm Is Manipulating Suppliers Into Favoring It Over Other Retailers by Truthout


Commentary: Manipulation and monpolization tactics by the biggest company on earth? No suprise here. Crony capitalism leaves even smaller players able to bully the everyday person, makes sense the biggest guy around can bully even the suppliers themselves.

America’s Super-Rich See Their Wealth Rise by $282 Billion in Three Weeks of Pandemic by Mint Press News


Commentary: Spending millions to save billions? If people think that's okay then they don't really understand the order of magnitude that a billion, let alone multiple, really entails. Nobody should have a billion dollars, let alone stolen from the taxpayer at the expense of the social well-being of the whole nation, all while making their money in the first place on the near slave labor of their lowliest employees.

A New Global Order? How Coronavirus Will Change the World Forever by Mint Press News


Commentary: We need to stop turning to celebrity philosophers, failed western economists, and corrupt politicians for answers, and instead look to true academics & humanitarians to help plan our future.

Canada’s Pandemic Response Threatens Worker Solidarity by Canadian Dimension


Commentary: Canada really stepped up to the plate once exposed, but it took being exposed for their priorities, and the risk of real social chaos, for the Liberals to offer something more comprehensive. And even with the current far more optimal setup, there are still plenty of people swept under the rug and forgotten. This situation is chaotic for sure, but even in good ol "Socialist Canada" as we're so often called in the States, our neoliberal tendencies are exposed wide open by crisis.

Cops Claim Man Charged At Them, But Video Shows They Executed Him On His Knees by The Free Thought Project


Commentary: Stuff like this is why we need body cams on every police. Seriously the amount of stories where there are serious discrepancies between police reports and what actually happened is staggering.

Life After COVID: A Look at the New Economy by The Organic Prepper


Commentary: Banks and major corporations stealing money from the small business relief fund? No surprise here. The real question is, what are Americans gonna do about it? And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The unemployment benefits will encourage part-time and minimum wage workers to not wanna go back to work. This means much small business may not get their employees back even if they can open. No employees, no store activity. No store activity no profits and bam closures. Food prices will be going up, package sizes will be going down, availability will be crushed (As many of the small businesses that offered specialty products shutter). And specialty products won't be the only thing that suffers from shortages. As this crisis goes on and depending on how long it goes on and how we continue to react, key items may have repeated and even long-durations of shortages.

Meat shortages are looming across U.S. and Canada by Treehugger