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Severed Skies' Track Aurora Appears On Cyberage Radio's October 1st Episode

Severed Skies track Aurora has appeared on Cyberage Radio's October 1st Episode of their Radioshow alongside other great acts such as Cygnosic, Skinny Puppy, Synapscape, and more. Don't miss it free streaming on Mixcloud:


Alien:Nation - To Never Come Back

DYM - Swarm(MAS-SI-OSARE Remix)

Cygnosic - Deadly Affair

C-Lekktor - King of The Underworld(SIVA SIX Remix)

Distorted World - Grey Abomination

AhaM:Alien hate annihilated Mind - Population

Psychosomatik - Carnal Pleaure

Raziel X - Terror (RADAIATO cover)

Riotlegion - Out of My Head

Christ Under Droids - Voice of Murder

Psykoxyde - Personal Fuxxing Bitch

Proyecto Crisis - la Tracion

Schattenschlag - Psycho

Hocico - Flesh of Your Flesh

Blue Ant - We Kill the Sun (ANTIBIOSIS Remix)

Run Level Zero - CNN of Worms

Skinny Puppy - Paragun

Skinny Puppy - Love in Vein

Front Line Assembly - Contagion

Front Line Assembly - Ghosts

:wumpscut: - She's Dead

Skin Contact - Towards a Bright Future

xotox - Industrial Madness

W.A.S.T.E. - Want this World To Burn

FabrikC - BoomStick

Alphane Reality Generator - Blood Stained MusicBox

Somatic Responses - Ready Your Weapons

Synapscape - They'll All Be Gone

Dark The Keeper - Cyber Victim

in-FUSED - Pineapple Express

Mnemonic - Zyniker

Regulator - Wounded

Severed Skies - Aurora

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