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Podcast: Riancarnation #16 - Re-engaging with the Myths that Made Us with Caleb Tipple

Catch this episode of Riancarnation, hosted by our well-spoken and thoughtful host Rian Bevan​, streaming on LibSyn:

Episode Description:

"My first repeat guest!

Back from the first episode, Caleb Tipple joins me this week.

Caleb is a good friend of mine I’ve known for a few years through the wonder of the internet (I said 7 years in the intro it's probably only been 5). He’s a therapist who’s been really engaged in Somatic Experiencing modalities the last few years. He’s really given me a lot of information around somatic modalities and the nature of this kind of work and I find it unbelievably fascinating.

We talk a bit about Caleb's experience using Somatic modalities for himself and in his work. Much of the rest of the episode is around re-engaging with beliefs that we were brought up with, and using psychedelics as a tool to look at these ideas. We were both raised Christian and wanted to talk a bit about our experiences of letting go of previous prescribed beliefs, and re-engaging with these aspects of our life as we've matured.

Caleb is able to do some work online with people, so if you’re at all interested in any of this, please reach out to him at

@calebconsciousness on Instagram though he doesn't use it much.

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