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Podcast: Riancarnation #13 - Stories Help Us Heal and Grow with Caitlin Moakley

Catch this episode of Riancarnation, hosted by our well-spoken and thoughtful host Rian Bevan​, streaming on LibSyn:

Episode Description:

Caitlin Moakley joins me on the show

Caitlin is the founder of Soil and Spirit, a consultation business she started for personal care brands, herbalists, ethnobotanists and more to make an impact on a local and global level on the ingredients that are put into products.

She is also a core member of of the psychedelic and environmental feminist group, Cosmic Sister, and works in the Cannabis industry in Massachusetts with Agrify working on vertical farming and indoor grow technology. 

We talk about altered states of consciousness, ayahuasca, cannabis, and how stories help us heal individually and as a collective.

Check her out below

@Soilandspirit on Instagram and Facebook 

Also check out @cosmicsister on Instragram, Facebook and around the web.

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