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New Album!: White Cauldron - Nine Hells

Equally as dark as it is diverse, White Cauldron's debut album "Nine Hells" conjures up a series of spooky soundscapes that shift in tone and tempo all bound together by it's gothic dreamy aesthetic. Fusing Industrial, Trip-Hop, and IDM in an wild amalgamation fans of late 90s and early 2000s alternative electronic music will salivate over, this potent supergroup's (a combination between avant-garde pop artist BESS and Electro-Industrial artist Toothpinch) unsurprisingly potent first release comes out strong for those who have the patience to take in the more downtempo pace of the release. Not your traditional 4 to the flour industrial, this music takes you on a ride focusing more on atmosphere then intensity, more often then not to the song's benefits.

Info from the band taken from Bandcamp:

"Toothpinch & Bess come together as White Cauldron. Due to COVID-19, many of us were shut in. White Cauldron took this opportunity to finish their debut album which incidentally, they had written and recorded the music and most of the lyrics within a 4-day period, earlier in the year."

Music & Lyrics: White Cauldron

Mix/Master: Toothpinch


1. Indecipherables

2. Dirty Streets

3. The Evil Mind

4. Empty Tomb

5. Chaos

6. Die This Death

7. Lament

8. Floating Plasma

9. Nine Hells

You can find White Cauldron merchandise including t-shirts, sweaters, and socks, on Teespiring:

You can download their album on their official Bandcamp:

Stream the album on Spotify:

Or Apple Music:

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