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New Album!: Toothpinch - 3 To Thee

Toothpinch​ returns with a short but sweet three tracked EP, pointedly entitled "3 To Thee". A unique amalgamation of different sounds and styles, all while keeping a strong industrial core. With each track standing on its own and taking its own sonic direction this release even though it's only a few tracks will keep you engaged throughout beckoning for repeated listens. The first track "Rain Drops" is more atmospheric and hypnotic, with wild rolling percussion and psychedelic synth soundscapes. The second track, "Love Story" reminds me of Mortiis or Tim Skold's work with aggressive guitars, hard rock inspired drums, and deep powerful bass tones, definitely a song that stands out on the release. The final track, "One Day", returns to the more dreamy and psychedelic, with slow crushing drums, emotive vocals, and hypnotic melodic guitars and pianos really drawing you in. Overall a very unique release, and offering very different things then we've heard from the past. Check it out on his official Bandcamp for digital download:

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Description by the artist:

"3 reflective songs about the pains of loss and starting anew."


All songs, lyrics, music, artwork, mixing, master produced by Toothpinch.

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