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New Album!: Jenova Project x Databyte - Transhumanist Vol. 1 - Motel Magic

Transhumanist Vol. 1 - Motel Magic is a potent collaborative album between the Canadian Industrial Synthpop artist Jenova Project and the American Electro Synthwave artist Databyte, longtime creative partners, friends, and labelmates. Fusing some of the energetic hi-octane songs from Databyte's past discography, with the powerful and epic unique vocals of Jenova Project mastermind theProphet, this release will be sure to entice fans of both artists and styles.

You can stream the album on YouTube:

or on the Jenova Project's Spotify channel:

or over at the official Jenova Project Soundcloud account:

Download the album on the official Jenova Project Bandcamp page at a very reasonable "Pay What You Want" price:

or stream it at Apple Music as part of their subscription package, or get it as a digital download from iTunes:

Follow Jenova Project & Databyte on their official Facebook pages for up to date info on their latest activities:

Or check out their The Infidel Netwerk encyclopedia entries to get a lowdown on the projects:


  1. Going Down

  2. Inside

  3. Motel Magic

  4. A Slice Of Life

  5. Love Is The New Hate

  6. Doom


Beats & instrumental production by Brent "Databyte" Baldwin Vocals, lyrics, mixing, mastering, and picture editing, by Matt "theProphet" Smith

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