New Album!: Haunted Planet - Specimen

Haunted Planet have returned again with a dynamic vaporwave inspired industrial wave album, featuring several tracks from previous releases in remastered format as well as some new tracks which you haven't heard before. One of his most concise releases to date, with a music video to be released in the following days, enjoy this album streaming on YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, and more as well as downloadable on Bandcamp.

Message from the artist:

"Another vaporwave’ish / electronic mishmash masterpiece from the land of trash!

Enjoy this SPECIMEN from the future!

Final proof as life as a black comedy, shut-ins, aliens, nazis, inter-dimensional-inner-earth-lizard people and ghosts all wrapped up in a Neo-liberal dystopian future fuck fest.

So haunt yourself with some of our magic, before the world ends."

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1. Mr. Coffee

2. Room

3. Bobo

4. Airheads

5. Faced

6. I Left It On

7. Motivation For Disappearing

8. Killchin

9. Squatch

10. SELECT Designate

11. Body Parts (ft 2in1)

12. ASR

13. Prototype Pattern Dummy (SPECIMEN)

14. Parts Of Your Body (Head Transplants Gone Wrong!)

15. Obscure

All songs recorded / sequenced with the Ensoniq ASR-10

and Macintosh computers with Live 9

All songs performed / recorded by Bubba Gummez, ptp, rukillaz,

and Bill E

Vocals on “Body Parts” by Matt “theProphet” Smith

Mixed & Mastered by Bubba Gummez at The Infidel Netwerk Studio B

Album Art by “Mitchell”