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New Album!: Fatal Empath - Visions

Strongly capable of a multitude of different sounds and styles, often within the same track, Fatal Empath returns with a strong and diverse offering of indie electronic music, in the form of the new album "Visions", that somehow manages to walk the line between complex progressive electronica and minimalist downtempo. Each track is an entire movement of emotions, often channeling the idyllic soundscapes you’d find present in classic Nintendo games, but with the present flair of modern stylism and production. However, despite all the shine and glean it manages to keep the sound intimately connected to the lo-fi / garage / vaporwave sound that she has

been flirting with since the project’s inception.

Certainly an excellent collection of melodic fancies, filled with moody pianos, somber strings, a multitude of psychedelic sounds, and often perfectly imperfect drums (something we don’t hear enough of in electronic music). A truly spectacular release that doesn’t disappoint in its enticing mood setting atmosphere from beginning to end, catch it streaming on all major streaming services including:

Download the album on Bandcamp:

Follow Fatal Empath on her official Facebook to keep up to date with her latest happenings:

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