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New Album!: Bud-ski & theProphet - Holden Caulfield

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

This is the third album released on the Infidel Netwerk label. For this album Bud-ski has teamed up with long time collaborator theProphet to create a picture illustrating apathy in this "New" world. Listen to the full album free streaming on The Infidel Netwerk's official YouTube channel:

Download the album for $5 on his official Bandcamp:

Follow Bud-ski on Facebook for all his latest activities:


1. Holden Caulfield 2. Parallel Lines 3. Looking Down A Dark Pathway (feat. M-Fap) 4. All Alone 5. One Day 6. Flexin (feat. M-Fap) 7. Connects-Us (Fuck This Job) 8. Murder (feat. M-Fap) 9. Keep The Feeling All Day (feat. Abyss The Mighty Void) 10. Soon To Be (Remix)

Lyrics - All by Bud-ski.

The album also features lyrics by M-Fap, and Abyss The Mighty Void

Production - theProphet

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered - Matt "theProphet" Smith

Album Art - Jacob Smith

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