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Music Video!: Toothpinch - Shelter In Place (ft. Bess, Accumortis & SpankTheNun)

Toothpinch​'s COVID lockdown collaboration with Lindabrenabess​, Accumortis​ & spankthenun, entitled "Shelter In Place", which we previously promoted the audio version here on The Infidel Netwerk​, has debuted a music video which can be found free streaming on his YouTube channel. The dynamic groovy old school electro-industrial banger truly captures the best of all of its participants, with charismatic poetic vocals, head bobbing baselines, haunting, and inviting in the way you'd expect from a haunted house synth atmospheres, and tight as hell drums. The visuals for the song match the diverse talent of the song, with lots of interspersed psychedelic shots from each of the musicians involved, don't miss it free streaming:

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