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Fresh Trax!: Wasted Potency - waypoxxo1 (feat. capoxxo) prod. DEAD* AT* 18

Breaking into fresh new territory with a brand new collaborative track with capoxxo, Wasted Potency continues to show his avant-garde melodic side in this dreamy and psychedelic electro pop track. Short and sweet, with an old-school 8-bit sound driving the beat produced by the talented DEAD*AT*18, and thick penetrating processed auto-tune masquerading Wasted Potency & capoxxo's vocals, this track captures a unique vibe and tone from beginning to end. Catch it free streaming on their official Soundcloud:

Follow Wasted Potency on his official Facebook page for the latest updates on his project:

Check out capoxxo's music on his official Soundcloud:

Follow DEAD*AT*18 on his official YouTube:

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