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Fresh Trax!: Toothpinch - Lords Of Dust

Storming into fresh territory with a little bit of Industrial spice, Toothpinch conjures up an interesting new twist to his sound by fusing elements of Electro-Industrial & Trap music together in a unique combination that supplements his sound well. Complimented by socially critically lyrics that will make you question very fabrics of our every day reality participation, this is another excellent addition to his discography which can be found on his official Soundcloud free streaming:

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Lost our visions, lost our voice

Lost generations without a choice

Destiny reduced to cogs in the machine

Waking up from the American Dream

When will you see who these people are

When will you say they have gone to far

Soulless slaves to the shareholders

Sell you out to the highest bidder.

Building empires to blot out the sun

Killing all life until they’re the only ones.

Left in the pit of black skies and dirt.

Choking, gasping, mother nature hurts.

Pushing investments, your poverty is their stock.

Our Tower of Babel is a mountain of trash.

Your cities are burning, your cities are burning.

Unrest at the state of despair.

The Lords of Dust

The Lords of Dust

America isn't the land of the free

It's the land of those who pay with their lives.

Survival of the richest while we drool at the screen.

Apathy is programmed to placate the cattle for slaughter.

The wealthy do not care about you

The politicians do not care about you

They lie on both sides of the aisle

Both sides of their faces to get your vote

Whores to the highest bidding corporation

Decimate the land to squeeze every dollar

Rob the poor.

Beat down the sick

Steal from your paycheck to keep you in chains

Steal your personal information to keep you under control

Put down your phones and make your voices heard

Before it’s too late.

Grind down our bones

Drain our souls

They took everything.

You gave it all away.


Original concept, lyrics and music: Toothpinch.

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