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Fresh Trax! : Jugem's Cloud - Belt Driven Tragedy

Jugem's Cloud are back baby! And in the truest of forms with a full-throttle pure attitude balls-to-the-walls electro-industrial banger. Thick danceable groovy baselines, raspy screamed vocals, and cold punishingly crisp drums engage the listener from front to back. Making the wait well worth it, and definitely giving you full anticipation for the upcoming full release in November, this dangerously solid old-school industrial-inspired floor stomper will satisfy any Rivethead looking to scratch the itch for new genre music that does not disappoint! Check out the track streaming on all major platforms with links to pretty much all of them available, as well as an audio sample, on their official website:

Follow Jugem's Cloud on their official Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date with their latest activities:

Go to the official Jugem's Cloud website or The Infidel Netwerk encyclopedia page to discover more about the band:

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