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Fresh Trax!: Dathek & Mista Mead - Comin' 2 Get Ya

Comin' 2 Get Ya by Dathek and Mista Mead (Produced by RcThaHazard​) lives up to it's titles rambunctious title. Giving you an all out audio assault full of hi-energy rhymes and groovy beats, perfect in their artistic synergy, these two lyrical ninjas flex show you their mastery over sound itself. Don't miss this delightful dark little bit of debauchery available free streaming on a variety of different sources including...

Check out Dathek's Facebook page or Artist profile on The Infidel Netwerk to discover more about the artist's activities or history:

Stream his album on his official Spotify:

Follow Mista Mead & RCthaHazard on their official Facebooks for their latest updates:

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