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Fresh Trax!: Big M.I.C. - Lonestar

Somber and reflective of the trials and tribulations over the years, and how it grew him as an individual, Big M.I.C. brings another excellent old-school hip-hop track called "Lonestar" in collaboration with the talented producer Jacques Toni, who provided the perfectly moody boom-bap inspired beat, as well as Matt "theProphet" Smith who recorded, mixed, and mastered the song at The Infidel Netwerk studios. Another epic storytelling rap ballad for your enjoyment, and definitely not one to be missed, it can be found free streaming on his official YouTube:

Download the track on his official Bandcamp:

Follow Big M.I.C. on his official Facebook for up to date info on his latest happenings:

Check out Jacques Toni's Instagram to get info on his happenings:

Song mixed and mastered by Matt "theProphet" Smith of The Infidel Netwerk, whose latest happenings you can keep up to date on his official Facebook:

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