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Catch Contaminated Intelligence & Biohacker on Dark Indulgence 03.29.20

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

American & Irish Industrial artists Contaminated Intelligence & Biohacker appears on the latest episode of Scott Durand's Dark Indulgence Radio, along with Corrosive Reaction, PRecision Field, Funker Vogt, and much more for a night of hard electronics. Check it out full streaming below at the link or in our embedded player:


Opener - DI Custom Intro 03.29.20 Vein Collector - Into the days of fire False Dmitrii - Pale Brown Dot Corrosive reaction - Religion Kills (Original Mix) FREAKY MIND ft Mnstrgry - Disowned from love I Hate Fridays - Face It Contaminated Intelligence - Shutting Down (Hazmat Mix By Mentallo and the Fixer) An-i + Unhuman - Canibals Precision Field - Hitchhiker Funker Vogt - A New Dawn POSTS TV (Sturm 25) - Ūdenslīdējs CSIBD - Clockworks INVA//ID - Broken (Fixxed by DJ Rexx Arkana) ItheVirus - American Dream Seven Federations - Demiurge Plant43 - Porcupine Meadow Elegant Machinery - Flag Of Truce Ontal - Shock (Unhuman Remix) Noise Resistance - Awakening grabyourface - Summer on Saturn (Planetdamage Remix) Lazerpunk - Power (GRENDEL remix) Antipole - Le Moment (SYZYGYX remix) A.P. - The Unspoken (Original Mix) Zanias - To The Core (Unhuman Remix) Ckode - Cleance Logic VYRTUAL ZOCIETY - Virtual Flag Biohacker - Implant Rejection Tufty Hacka Vuuduu - Voices (Original mix) RND. Records Injustrial - Night of the Herd (Heresy Edit) Тень - Никто (Minus Infinity Remix) Nano Infect vs PreEmptive Strike 0.1 - State Of War

Check out Contaminated Intelligence & Biohacker's official Encyclopedia pages on The Infidel Netwerk to get an official artist biography, a complete list of releases, and links to all their social media and streaming website availability:

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