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Catch Biohacker on Ghostwave Radio's Dark Dance July 24th 2020 Mix

Biohacker the Irish Industrial Rocker, appears on the latest episode of Ghostwave Radio, along with Rotersand, spankthenun, Pro Patria, and more for an awesome DJ mix filled with alternative electronic and industrial music. Check it out full streaming below at the link or in our embedded player:


Retaliate Of Anger - Destroyer, Shelter

In Absentia - Insanity

Rotersand - You Know Nothing

spankthenun - LekkyElectro's Horrortech Mix

Thrillsville - Lockdown

The Frixion - To Hell and Back

Biohacker - Slave

Normoria - Who The Hell Are You

Priest - Dead Ringer (Evigt Mörker Remix)

JK Flesh - Two Dimensional

Negant - Zombies

Pro Patria - Razorblade

Nature of Wires ft Lady B - Cut Me Open

Formato Negativo - Warning Sex

Richard.G - Red Alert

Sirus - The Book Of Gates (Take Control Mix)

Cyferdyne - Breathe Deeper (DJ Extended Version)

Check out Biohacker's official Encyclopedia page on The Infidel Netwerk to get an official artist biography, a complete list of releases, and links to all his social media and streaming website availability:

Follow Biohacker or Ghostwave Radio on their official Facebook pages:

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