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Biohacker & Toothpinch Appear On Synthentral's July 14th New Tunesday Radioshow Episode

Biohacker's "Slave" and Toothpinch's "One Day" both appear on the July 14th Episode Of Synthentral's "New Tunesday" Radioshow alongside other great acts such as Pro Patria, Statiqbloom, Birmingham Electric, and more. Don't miss it free streaming at HeartThis.AT Radioshow Platform:


Blair Scott - Synthentral

Atlantic Popes - Morningson

Color Theory & Matt Mancid - Kyoto Song

Nature Of Wires - Cut Me Open

Noise Generator - Borderland

Pro Patria - Razorblade

Cosaquitos En Globo - Recall

Transcendent 7 - Control

Handful Of Snowdrops - Misunderstanding

Biohacker - SLAVE

Billy Nomates - Hippy Elite

MORIS BLAK x Limbo Slice - The Unreality

Jessie Frye - Ocean

Microwaved - No Chances

Bachelor - Real Science

Statiqbloom - Restless

Nius X - We

Platronic - Pride

The Rude Awakening - Squeal! (Radio Edit)

Toothpinch - One Day

Astrophysics - Magia (feat. Stella)

Anything Box - Pray

darwinmcd & Mark Bebb - Featherlite

Nordstaat - Above The Heads Of A Fearful World

Twist Helix - Frida Kahlo

Blue Ant - Living On Video

Parole E Azioni - Ancora Cento

Camlann - To Vatican

StykFaktor - Distance

Birmingham Electric - Light Of The World

Nordik Sonar - Persuasion

Blair Scott - Synthentral

Follow Biohacker, Toothpinch, & Synthentral on their respective Facebook pages for up to date info on their latest happenings:

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